AMBALA, Haryana: A head constable Raj Paul on the antiterrorist petrol on the Ambala Jagadhari Road shot dead an innocent college student at V. Khurdewale, about 40 miles from here. The deceased identified as Balkar Singh, a 10 plus 2 student, was coming from Jagadhari to Ambala with his classmate Randhir on a Royal Enfield motorcycle at about 5:00 p.m. when the patrolling party waived to them to stop near the Khera rest house, the motor cyclists did not respond to their signal. The commando force chased them while the scared boys took a turn on a village approach road, and entered into a hut store owned by Sub Mangal Singh. Upon reaching the store, the head constable asked the boys to come out of the store. Simultaneously he entered the store and dragged the boys outside the store. Head constable, Raj Paul, caught hold of the boy Balkar Singh while his colleague driver caught Randhir Singh and started beating them severely. Balkar Singh offered his apology but the head constable started to fire from his stengun, killing the boy on the spot. Head constable, Raj Paul, also tried to kill Randhir Singh but his driver holding Randhir Singh chased him away. Meanwhile, Mrs. Harbajhan Kaur, the wife of the owner of the store also came and raised an alarm. Another woman, Gurbachan Kaur came to her help and caught hold of the Head Constable Raj Paul who tried to escape after committing the murder.

The police have registered a case against the Head Constable under section 302 IPC in the presence of Tehsildar Narinder Singh.


Article extracted from this publication >> March 18, 1988