On both fronts in Punjab and abroad Sikhs are showing signs of chaos, ineptness and lack of vision for their own good. The accord reached between Longowal and Rajiv robs Sikhs blind of their basic demands. They have no political freedom, no religious freedom and no economic opportunities, let alone opportunities of employment. Sikhs will always suffer under the formula of 2% will get 2%. Their Gurdwaras can be attacked any time anywhere on any pretext.

Animosity created by the events of last four years has deeply alienated Sikhs throughout India. The Indian constitution has nothing for them and they are tired of burning it. This accord proves irrelevant to all these issues. On top of this, it has created schism among Sikhs everywhere. Different political ideologies have come to rule their rank and file. Therefore, peace among Sikhs is not in sight. It has also created misgivings in WSO whose aims and objectives are so closely tied to what happens to the Sikhs in Punjab. Sikhs all over the world rallied to save their identity and religious freedom but find themselves betrayed at every step. This accord has drawn a wedge among brothers that is pulling the community to an enduring test. Unless and until the Sikhs act on two democratic lines and rededicate themselves to the basic goals, they will not achieve anything significant. The future generation will never forgive the shortsightedness of the present Akali leadership. They neither have vision nor discipline nor the knowledge and skill to be the masters of their own destiny. How can all this change? Are they capable of meeting this challenge? Do not be surprised if pessimism hits you hard. Sikhs are constantly taught to be optimists. How and where do you find that?

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 9, 1985