KUWAIT, May 11, Reuter: An Indian tanker bound for Kuwait was hit in the Southern Gulf today by an Iranian patrol boat, the third attack in eight days on ships sailing to or from the emirate, gulf based shipping sources said.

The 89,453 dw tonne B.R. Ambedkar was struck several times by rocket fire at 0122 get about 11 miles off the United Arab emirates (UAE) Port of Sharjah. There were no reports of casualties. The attack, the 20th blamed on Iran this year, was at least the 16th on ships connected with Kuwait, shipping sources said.

They said the Indian tanker, owned by the Indian shipping corporation, was hit several times in the starboard and port sides of the hull. Lloyd’s Shipping Intelligence said two rockets hit the engine room.

The crew successfully contained the fire, and the vessel made its way under its own power to the UAE Port of Dubai “There were a few holes, a small fire, no casualties and no assistance required”, said one Maritime executive.

Iran has waged reprisals against the northern gulf emirate over its staunch backing for Tehran’s gulf war foe Iraq.

Angry at a decision by Kuwait last month to charter Soviet tankers hoping this would deter assaults; Iran last night said the emirate would suffer because of what it called its intention to tum the region into a scene of east west rivalry.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 15, 1987