NEW DELHI, India: Mr. Vidya Charan Shukla, President of the Indian Olympic Association (OA), on Wednesday entered his office at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for the second time in little more than month, and this time, successfully took possession of it.

He and the IOA secretary general, Dr. RL. Anand, had been debarred from entering the office in September, by the vice president, Mr. Sivantha Adityan, and his followers within the IOA.

Armed with an order form the Madhya Pradesh High Court, Mr. Shukla entered the office, along with a host of opposition leaders acting as ‘observers.

Among the observers were Mr. Arun Nehru, Mufti Mohammad Syed, Mr. Arif Mohammad Khan and Mr. Satpal Malik, all of the Jan Morcha. Mr. Sharad Yadav of Lok Dal (B) and Mr. Madhu Dandavate and Mr. Jaipal Reddy of the Janata Party.

The group first gathered at the India International Centre from where they drove down to the stadium, the locks which had been put on the doors of the office, was broken down.

As Mr. Shula swept into his office with the other leaders, Mr. Arun ‘Nehru pulled down the name board of Mr. Adityan, who had declared himself he President of IOA after pushing through a non-confidence motion against Mr. Shukla,

More locks had to be broken down before Mr. Shukla could finally enter the rom where he used to set before being dared from entering the office,

Making himself comfortable in his office, Mr. Shukla told reporters, “This is the victory of truth”.

“We shall not victimize any person, and we have no rancor against any Person, association or federation. We shall cooperate with everyone in the usual manner”, he said,

Mr. Shukla said that he would notify the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Association of Asia about the latest developments in the IOA.

“If need be, I’ll meet Mr. Samaranch, the IOA president,” he said.

Telegrams had also been dispatched to the organizers of the National Games, scheduled! To take place at ‘Trivandrum later this month, that Mr. Shukla and Dr. Anand would be representing the IOA there,

Mr. Shukla said he had written to the police commissioner on Tuesday to tell him about his plans to enter the office and that he had the backing of the Madhya Pradesh High Court in this matter,

The Madhya Pradesh High Court on Tuesday dismissed a petition filed Mr. Randhir Singh and Mr. ML. Jadam, both joint secretaries of the IOA, which sought to restrain Mr. Shukla from functioning as President of the association.

A division bench of the High Court at Jabalpur ruled that there was no provision in the IOA constitution for passing a no confidence motion against its petition.

Describing the move to prevent Mr. Shukla from entering his office, as a “political move”, Mr. Arun Nehru said; “The IOA should be the last place for the government to interfere

Article extracted from this publication >> January 1, 1988