TORONTO, Canada: The Canadian Intelligence found the Indian diplomats engaged in espionage and information collecting activities according to a story published in Globe and Mail of Toronto. Indian High Commission has denied the story. Mr. William Chambers an aid to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Joe Clark refused to deny, confirm or discuss the report said that Mr. Clark had asked for removal of these people.

These people who have already departed were found by C.S.1S. To be engaged in activity not in keeping with the work of Diplomats. The sources said that these people were using a network of paid informers and agent provocateurs to penetrate Canadian Sikh community in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Mr. Clark wanted the government of India to notify Ottawa of its Intelligence agents so that their names could be registered with the C.S.IS. Offices in the cities where they are stationed.

The government of India refused to cooperate. Mr. Lal was given ‘a farewell party by a Punjab Language Weekly in Toronto which reportedly received Indian government money in return for publishing an article supplied by the Consulate. The sources said Canada would have to expel them, a step which is not generally taken by the allies against one another’s diplomats. Allies don’t expel each other’s diplomats, they just disappear quietly. Officials in New Delhi agreed to save face and transfer these identified agents, the sources said.

Gurinder Singh, a senior LP.S. officer, in India who was responsible for training for intelligence purposes has been collecting information about Indians in Vancouver area. He had agents planted in on almost every Sikh temple in British Columbia in Canada who were angered by the extradition treaty which was signed early February between India and Canada. Sikhs are displeased because how can a democratic and human rights conscious government of Canada sign a treaty with Rajiv’s government whose record for human rights is very poor.

Rajiv Gandhi has rewarded persons like H.K.L. Bhagat and Tyteler with Cabinet posts who have been identified by civil rights groups as main cuplpnits for inciting and guiding mob massacres in Delhi, Kanpur and other cities in Hindi belt area.

This incident confirmed long held belief of the Sikh community that Indian Diplomats have been working as spies under the cover of diplomacy.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 3, 1987