NEW DELHI, India: India is said to have requested the US.A. And U.K. to refrain Pakistan from fomenting trouble in Punjab. It is a measure of Indian government’s frustration that it has sought the intervention of Washington and London in believing exert these two governments can assert pressure on Islamabad. Indian government is stated to have told these governments that it has the reasons to believe that Pakistan is providing shelter and arms to the Sikh freedom fighters who are fighting to achieve independent State of Khalistan. New Delhi has also said to have given the dates and places where the representatives of the Sikh freedom fighters met with their foreign counterparts ‘The upgrading of the weaponry used by the freedom fighters including rockets AK 47 rifles are said to have been provided from across the border. Some of the points now contained in a request to these two governments, have already been communicated to Pakistan, through its embassy in New Delhi. Both the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and foreign minister Natwar Singh had discussed the gravity of this issue with the visiting U.K. Minister.

Natwar Singh has reportedly warned that a drastic action could be taken if Pakistan continued to support Sikh freedom fighters,

Since U.S.A. and U.K. are openly talking against “terrorism”. Therefore, India feels that these countries will put every type of pressure on Pakistan to stop helping Sikhs who are fighting for their independence.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 6, 1988