NEW DELHI, India; India has taken exception to President Mohammad ZiaulHaq declaration that Kashmir was an integral part and life line of Pakistan.

Glossing over the United Nation’s resolutions and India’s own commitments for a plebiscite in the State of Jammu and Kashmira spokesman of the Indian External Affairs Ministry today said “President ZiaulHaq has spoken in a manner calculated to rouse passions on’ this issue.

President ZiaulHaq could not be unmindful of India’s well known and legally irrefutable position that the whole of Jammu and Kashmiris an integral part of India and that the only issue which remains to be resolved is that Pakistan vacated part of Kashmir (Azad Kashmir) Occupy legally by it.


President Zia cannot also wash away the fact that both countries are committed to resolve this issue in accordance with the letters and spirit of the Shimla agreement.

“President Zia had himself renewed during his visit to New Delhi on Dec. 17, 1985, when he had said that this question would be resolved in accordance with the Shimla agreement and at an appropriate time.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 7, 1987