NEW DELHI, India, March 1st , Reuter; A London newspaper report quoting a Pakistani nuclear scientist as saying his country has an atom bomb confirms India’s repeated charges that Pakistan is building nuclear weapons, an official source said today.

“Isn’t this what we have always been saying that the Pakistan nuclear program is weapons oriented”. The source told Reuters, “It is matter of serious concern”.

He was commenting on a report in the observer newspaper quoting Dr. Abdel Qader Khan, described as “Father of the Islamic Bomb”, as saying Pakistan had an atomic bomb and was ready to use it if the country’s existence was threaten The Observer report coincided with meetings in Islamabad of Indian and Pakistani officials to discuss further stages of a phased troop withdrawal after the biggest and most dangerous military buildup on their border since the last of their three wars in 1971.

It also coincided with the announcement last night of a huge increase in India’s defense budgeting by the Indian Prime Minister.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 6, 1987