Islamabad, Pakistan — Pakistan “will retaliate with all available resources” against an attack on its nuclear facilities, Foreign Affairs Minister Zain Noorani warned Saturday.

In comments apparently aimed at India, Noorani told the 273member National Assembly an attempted assault on the country’s nuclear facilities located at Kahuta, outside the capital will be met with the ‘most serious consequences.”

“Pakistan will not take it lying down and shall have no option but to retaliate with all available resources,” he said, responding to a parliamentary motion regarding possible attacks.

India, which has fought three wars with Pakistan since 1947, has voiced displeasure at the possibility of Islamabad attaining nuclear capability.

Noorani accused India of adopting ‘‘double standards” on nuclear proliferation.

He said that while it was engaged in “feverish activity to increase its own capability for nuclear explosions, New Delhi has sought to divert attention from itself by pointing the finger of accusation at Pakistan.”

The minister added that Pakistan was trying to avoid the spread of nuclear arms.

“We have not only declared our intention not to produce nuclear weapons, we have also made concrete proposals to show our readiness to assume jointly with India binding international commitments to renounce manufacture of nuclear weapons.”

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