AND now a piece from Frances Edmonds the high profile journalist wife of England spinner Phil Edmonds.

“At 35, Pakistani captain Imran Khan has been described in various women’s magazines as one of the most eligible bachelors in the world.

“Oxford educated, affluent, with those chiseled good looks of the Pakistani warrior caste, I watched him being constantly inundated with female auto graph or whatever else might be available hunters as he sat having a chat with Phil and me after their innings win in the third Test. Actually he was not surprised at the cricketing result. Apparently a palmist had foretold his future and this was all part of it. But Imran was a trifle glum. The cause of his depression was different.

“He had just suffered the breakup of a longstanding relationship with an English girl who eventually discovered that she could not embrace the Pakistani way of life, and Imran had now decided that he was irretrievably on the shelf.

“And what is worse,” he confided morosely, “is that 1am even too old for an arranged marriage now. All the best ones have gone”. Few others could have seen the sensitive side of the fiery Pathan.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 28, 1987