Dr. S. S. Sodhi

I am an Indo Canadian, a recent arrival,

I add “color” to the Canadian mosaic,

That makes me two in one.

I love India, but I am getting alienated by

The guilt free massacres,

The Government induced,

Socially sanctioned violence.

My ideological pacifist background,

My idealized image of “Mother India,”

Torn to shreds by fundamentalistic uprising,

My peaceful Indian mystic reality,

Being shaped by “Doon School,

Computer Boys”

Fragmented, I stand, two in one.

My national heroes —Bhagat, Shubash,

Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi,

Being replaced by dynastic rulers Sanjay,

Indira and Rajiv

The peace inducing films of my youthful days,

Have been replaced by seductive sadism

Of Amitabh.

My desire to teach my children,

My realities, the struggle filled realities

Of my Indian childhood,

But their aversions of the degenerated

Present day Indian Psyche!

Fragments and tears me in the middle

And makes tears well up in my eyes

Because I am two in one.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 26, 1985