Washington — Human Rights Minority Group met here on April 11. It was presided over by Mrs. Wiesman. State Department was represented by Prof. Rose. Number of Congressmen and Senators also. Attended the hearing. First Secretary of Ceylon was also present. Sikh predicament, particularly violation of their basic human rights, was explained in detail with full supporting material by Ralph Singh and Dr. Surjit, Singh, Gen. J.S. Bhullar, S. Ganga Singh Dhillon, Barbara Joshi and Dr. Berwa refuted the points raised by Prof. Rose. In fact Prof. Rose was rebuffed by the chairperson, Senators and congressmen for parrot like repeating the version of the Indian government. At one point the chairperson remarked that the State Department appears to be taking orders from Delhi rather than Washington. It was felt that State Dept. should not unnecessarily oppose move to find out the facts regarding human rights violations in India.

Mr. Berwa quoted facts and figures to prove that a small minority of elitist Brahmins had come to monopolize all power and they were maltreating the minorities who constituted forty percent of Indian population — 15% untouchables, 11% Muslims, 7% tribals, 2% Sikhs, 2% Christians and 3% other small religious groups like Parsees, Buddhists, ete. Indian Embassy refused to cooperate. Instead it sent a letter extolling and exaggerating the status of Sikhs in India. Members resented the attitude of the Embassy and called upon all governments to condemn the violation of human rights by the Indian government.

It was decided to approach the IJC for sending a jurists commission to India for on the spot investigation of the complaints of the minorities. It was also decided to involve all human. Rights groups from Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and America to protest against such inhuman massacres. World Sikh organization records its deep appreciation and gratitude to all particularly to Ralph Singh, Dr. Surjit Singh and S. Ganga Singh Dhillon.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 19, 1985