HOUSTON: The Sikh Community of Houston hosted a dinner party in the Rolling Fork Country Club on Saturday, October 12, 1985 to WELCOME “Friends” from Pakistan. On this occasion, S. Ganga Singh Dhillon (who was visiting Houston) was the Chief Guest and Speaker. S. Dhillon outlined the details of friendship and spiritual affinity of the followers of Islam and Sikhism. He gave numerous examples from the Sikh History, starting with Bhai Mardana, the most trusted companion of Guru Nanak; Sain Mian Mir; Pir Budhu Shah; Sheikh Farid on and on. After his speech, there was a prolonged question and answer session, covering wide range of topics such as what will be the relation of Khalistan with Pakistan etc. The sumptuous catered dinner was liked by all. Also arranged on the side was a small but exciting exhibition of numerous relevant documents and handouts. The party concluded with vote of thanks and on the note that this was an “ice breaker” and there will be many more such meetings in the future.

Later on, S. Ganga Singh Dhillon privately praised the efforts of the Sikhs of Houston in taking concrete steps in establishing bridges with “friendly neighbors”. He wished that Sikh Communities all over the World should follow this lead.

On the next day, Sunday, Oct. 13, 1985, S. Ganga Singh Dhillon addressed the congregation in the Sikh Center Gurdwara, when he dissected in detail the so called Longowal Gandhi accord and how it was another shrewd stab in the back of the Sikhs. He urged everybody to become members of WSO, to get in gears now as the time of reckoning to achieve Khalistan is approaching fast.


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Article extracted from this publication >>  November 1, 1985