NEW DELHI, India: It is almost axiomatic that if violence flourishes, the free market system will produce its antidote. In the country these days is Mrs. Sarbjit Singh, 40, a nonresident Indian Businessperson from the U.S.A. who sells for personal security by way of bullet proof glass. Flourishing different samples of his ware she emphasized the 100 percent safety the material provides from various weapons ranging from revolver to most powerful handguns, magnums and cannon fire projectiles.

With the ever increasing threat to the life and property this is the only effective answer says a confident, Sarbjit Singh who is a chartered accountant technically but a business person by practice in U.S.A. for the past fifteen years. Adding that no government can guarantee the complete eradication of terrorism she said that that threat can be easily minimized with the help of that device which is not made in India.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987