KATHMANDU, March 27, Hinduism in Pakistan is alive and well and under no pressure in the Islamic Republic, Pakistani delegates to the four day World Hindu Conference said on Sunday.

“Hindus are living in peace in Pakistan. There is no pressure on them to convert to Islam”, said Chaman Das Perwani, head of the Delegation and Pakistan’s Parliamentary Secretary for Minority Affairs.

The Soviet Union was the only other country to send an official delegation three Lamas to the conference in the World’s only Hindu kingdom.

Perwant told the meeting: “Not a single dispute based on distinct religious feelings has occurred (in Pakistan) and no carnage, assassination and onslaught were the cause of religious hatred or dissension.

Tens of thousands of people were killed in rioting and clashes during the 1947 partition of India which created Pakistan after independence from Britain.

“It is an Islamic country but we have the freedom to profess our religion. There is no interference from the government”, Perwani said.

The four day conference, inaugurated on Thursday by King Birendra, the World’s only Hindu monarch, was called to discuss ways of uniting Hindus worldwide,

Article extracted from this publication >> April 1, 1988