That the Hindu rightists have succeeded in polarisng the entire country particularly the cow belt along majority minority lines is an established fact and this fact has further encouraged the separatist movement in the regions largely dominated by the minority nationalities

This deadly majority-minority polarisation has been viewed as a blessing in disguise by the separatists in different movements in India And that is why the separatist movements have survived despite the large scale death and destruction at the hands of the different regimes in the recent past.

India is swimming against the world current. An India or a Soviet Union or for the matter any other country cannot suppress the political aspirations of nations and nationalities under their domination These nations and nationalities are bound to assert their identities sooner or later whatever shrill voices for saving unity and integrity are made.

Moreover according to a recent report of the English daily (The Tribune: 23 March 1991) India may well be the next U.S. target after Iraq in the year 2000. The report says:

Those undertaking research and development of the “new generation Cruise missile” (NGCM) are keeping the setting and scenario of conflict and increased hostility between India and Pakistan in mind.

“An analyst says Seema Sirohi in The Telegraph of General Dynamics one of the largest arms manufacturing companies in the world recently briefed officials and advisers in Washington on how to neutralise India (like Iraq recently) in the future.

“The U.S.A. expects heightened tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. It would get involved because of nuclear capabilities of both countries India heads the list of 13 possible regions in the world where future conflicts is likely. So actual plans have been drawn up in the USA in that case

The blueprint aims at “demolishing India. The manufacturers of arms expect the world fairly constantly at war in the briefing held by General Dynamics between February 18 and 22 for personnel and defence advisers there was discussion on giving India the Iraq treatment with precise bombing.

“A map of India shown then displayed all the country’s military sites in colored boxes. It was said that 307 Cruise missiles against India launched from and bombers based in Diego-Gat would swoop in on buildings and them up. The cold plan incidentally included no retaliation against Pa only of staking out all military targets in India.

“It was said a batch of 190 Cruise missiles would first be launched submarine bases ammunition: facilities Vendurthy naval station gars dry docks piers and communication facilities in the country. The batch would come if India was not suffice paly; humbled

“Scenario-planning is often done by arms manufacturers with details chillingly close to the current strategic thinking of the Pentagon which envisages a series of regional conflicts flaring up with a possible use of nuclear weapons by combatants.

“General Dynamics expects border incidents between India and Pakistan and naval incidents between them to grow. In ‘about a decade both countries would have full nuclear capability. The U.S.A. has also taken note of “Indian leasing of Soviet submarines testing of a medium range ballistic missile and the expansion of the Indian Navy.” Further India wants to dominate the region and kick the USA out of the Indian Ocean. The U.S intervention would be justified under the most flimsy circumstances. It would be a battle against “chaos” restless natives and criminal elements.

“Three sources of tension of the future are intractable conflicts between mortal enemies (Indo-Pakistan rivalry qualifies under it)

“Catastrophic failure of the human conditions in the Third World and lastly the rise of new centers of power (India qualifies as a regional power in Asia). India is also seen as turning into a belligerent dictatorship in the future.”

Article extracted from this publication >> May 3, 1991