We are proud to be Sikhs


            More proud to have our own Gurughar at Fresno.

            We call upon the Sikhs to remain united and dedicate ourselves to the Sikh

principles and philosophy propounded by our ten Nanaks.

            Let us believe and propagate this universal truth.

            So we make a submission to all the Sikhs to get to-gather to celebrate the

opening ceremony of our Gurdwara in a grand befitting and religious manner.

            GOD summoned 10th Nanak to his presence and after addressing his thus

sent him into this World:

            “I have bestowed on you the honor of being my son and have created

you for the purpose of propagating right faith and virtue. Go there spread Dharma Faith and Virtue sublime – and check people from ‘committing foolish senseless acts”

“Understand a holy man, full well in your fouls that I have taken birth for this purpose to extend faith and Virtue everywhere to save the virtuous and the saints and to siege and destroy root and branch the doors of sin and evil.”

                                                                                                            “GURU GOBIND SINGH JI”

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Article extracted from this publication >> June 10, 1988