NEW DELHI, India: Mr. Devi Lal, the Haryana Chief Minister, declared’ at the press conference held at Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi, that the corruption charges against the ex-chief minister and presently a central Cabinet minister, Mr. Bhajan Lal and the ex-Governor of Haryana Mr. G.D. Tapse have already been established beyond doubt. He told the newsmen that the cases are being registered against them and the law of the land will take its course. Mr. Lal announced’ that the necessary investigations have already been completed and the requisite steps are being taken to submit those cases in the court of law for further necessary action. Mr. Devi Lal refused to appoint any judicial commission to take cognizance of these allegations against Mr. Bhajan Lal and the ex-Governor. The Haryana Chief Minister said that the sufficient evidence has already been brought on the file, to enable the State government to initiate a process of legal action against them.

Mr. Devi Lal revealed to the newsmen that the ex-Chief Minister had spent more than a million dollars on the construction of his palace like house at Hissar. Mr. Devi Lal counter questioned the newsmen as to from where that huge money had come Mr. Devi Lal conceded ‘a point of one newsman that there is no direct involvement of the ex-Governor in the corruption cases. But he declared that the government has enough circumstantial evidence to prove those cases in the court of law.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 7, 1987