NEW DELHI, India: “Hame dekhna hai….”, “Hum dekh rahe hain…..” “Hamne dekha……” Mr. Rajiv Gandhi used these expression 66 times during his Independence Day address. On an average, once every minute.

A count by this reporter showed that most of the time (39 out of 66), Mr. Gandhi was speaking in the future tense  “Hum dekhenge”. He was talking not of what he sees, but of what he intends to see. Seventeen times out of 66, he spoke of what he said he had seen  “Humne dekha…..”.

Ten times out of 66, Mr. Gandhi spoke in the present tense “Hum dekh rahe hain…..” In addition to these 66, Mr. Gandhi used five times the expression “Humne dikhaya”.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 28, 1987