Harbans Singh Sraon

  1. The Golden rules;

Guru Nanak was bold and truthful. He believed in unity and equality of mankind. He acted and spoke against the caste system of Hindus. He was kind and considerate to others.

Once Guru Nanak’s father asked him to start a business and gave him some money. While he was taking that business trip, he came across holy men, who were in need of food. He bought food for them with all the sum of money he had. He called it ‘Sacha Sauda’ (true bargain) in spite of rebuke he took from his father for the loss of money.

Guru Nanak used to get up in the morning, take bath and fix his mind on God. He sang songs of praise. He taught his followers by example. He removed superstitions from the minds of people with humor and wisdom.

Guru Nanak gave his Sikhs, three Golden rules:

  1. Earn thy living by honest work. Do not be idle.
  2. Sharing with fellow beings, especially needy.
  3. Remember the true Father, God. Live in harmony with his creation.

By practicing these rules one can live happy and wholesome life.

Harbans Singh Sraon

Article extracted from this publication >> May 17, 1985