Sikhs generally are unawares of the implications of the various developments that are currently taking place in India particularly in Punjab. They should learn all about these developments and changes and act in the best interest of the Sikh religion and Sikh aspirations.

In the events of any Sikh religions not functioning in accordance with the Sikh practice of Miri and Piri, the personnel of such a body should be recalled on the U.S. pattern of “Recall” and the management and other affairs of the body be vested in the Sadh Sangat.

All Sikh religious bodies are expected to be up to date regarding religions, social and political currents and cross currents relating to Sikh interests and should share all such information with the Sadh Sangat.

Instead of concentrating exclusively on Gurdwara related activities due attention should also be paid to economic interests of the nation. Urgent attention is required for:

(i) Sikh refugee rehabilitation.

(ii) Assistance to Freedom Fighters.

Gii) developing international Sikh voice on short wave radio.

(iv) Mobilizing all Sikh organizations and institutions into extending full support to World Sikh News. .

(v) Developing a think tank that can plan and calculate events and keep track of the various pulls and pressures. To effectively tackle the difficult problems and exigencies, lot of money is required. For this purpose unnecessary expansions and ambitious building plans may be deferred to more congenial time. Let us determine the priorities and operate accordingly. Let us not be dictated by the leaders as helpless spectators. Let us make them answerable to each of their actions and function as companions in the struggle for regeneration and freedom of Sikh nation rather than pulling into different directions that ultimately cancel one another’s efforts.

At the end of each day, every Sikh must ask himself as to what he does for the betterment of Sikh World, for the creation of Khalistan and for the general good of mankind.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985