Reaffirming his noble ideals and preserving the development of mankind Guru Gobind Singh introduced a dynamic religious tradition on Baisakhi day. There was the rebirth of the Hindu race; in the darkness of the history was that New Dawn of KHALSA. In the Sikhs he blended heroism with the gentleness. He sowed the seeds of a new society, a new order of sons and daughters who sang together to save and suffer in order to preserve self-respect.

Guru infused the nationalism in the blood of his disciples and they answered to every call when human dignity was at stake. Guru Gobind Singh taught that man can neither abandon his value system nor live in chaos. It was necessary to alter the course of politics and fight against exploitation of man by another man. Every system must honor self-respect and equality of mankind. He had great faith in the people and he was a great leader of man and masses.

Guru transformed the impoverished and downtrodden into a courageous and self-respecting patriot. Who could dare to sacrifice his all for the honor of his mother land.

Guru Gobind Singh performed a miracle and rare wonder in the annals of history by effectively arousing the dormant energies of a vanquished people and filled them with lofty longings for social freedom and national ascendency.

I am thine, O Guru

And death to me is naught

For all to me is He, The Eternal One!

I seek not the Kingdom of power And I have turned my

face away From the glitter of gold.

I give, I serve, I suffer in joy,

I rejoice as I take this body of flesh

To the sacrificial altar,

For the sake of my Guru,

My Community and my Country.

In joy I go forward;

In joy I die for others;

In joy I expire,

Singing the Name, the name of the lord!

In joy I suffer for others:

And I long to see them saved from misery,

In this world of sordid moneymaking.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 11, 1985