WASHINGTON, D.C.: On Saturday, March 21, 1987, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation (GGSF), for the second time, on behalf of Sikh community of Washington D.C. served a hot meal to the homeless and hungry of the Metropolitan area. This is in keeping with the Organization’s objective to make this a regular feature of its multifarious activities. Although organized and sponsored by GGSF, the effort received wide range support from other Sikh organizations within and without the Wash. area.

Sardar Joginder S. Bhutani, Chairman of GGSF, stated that in his view, “Such efforts would definitely become a source of deep spiritual and moral strength for the Sikh community.”

Sardar Rajwant Singh, Asst. Secretary of GGSF, said that “not only as Sikhs, but also as American citizens, it is our moral duty to help alleviate the growing problem of “homelessness” in the U.S. Moreover, it affords us an opportunity to highlight the universality of Sikhism. The principle of humanitarian service as stressed in Sikhism, extends beyond itself to entire humanity, regardless of race and religion.

“Once again, we have been greatly encouraged by the cooperation and support received from all sections of the Sikh community,” said Mrs. Balbir Kaur, public relations coordinator of GGSF. “Along with experience, we gain more goodwill and support each time, which makes the whole effort extremely satisfying”.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 10, 1987