From Our Special Correspondent

Chandigarh: Prof. Gursewak Singh leader of the Indian Sikh Pilgrims yesterday expressed dissatisfaction over the arrangements made by the Pakistan authorities at the Dera Sahib gurdwara Lahore according to P.T.I. Prof. Gursewak Singh pointed out that 3,000 pilgrims were put up in less than 100 rooms leaving very little space for meditation and religious ceremonies. He said that the pilgrims were ready to return to Indian in case the authorities were not able to make the arrangements. According to eye witness P.T.I. adds that Sikh Pilgrims from Western Countries were treated like V.LP.s in the matter of Allotment of Accommodation. Indian officials pointed out that in spite of the attack on two Indian diplomats, militant Sikhs were provided accommodation opposite to their rooms. This created only discretion and sense of insecurity officials complained.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 6, 1985