DARJEELING, India, June 27, Reuter: Gorkha National Liberation Front leader Sub has Ghising headed for talks in New Delhi on Monday on his militant group’s demand for a Gorkha state within India, rebel sources said.


As he left, police found grim tokens of the Gurkhas, campaign two severed heads left in public places .


Rebel sources said Ghising would meet Indian Home (Interior) Minister Buta Singh, who has twice invited the Gurkha leader for talks.


Officials in New Delhi said they had no immediate confirmation of the meeting.


Ghising has said his group would accept nothing less than a separate Gurkha state within India’s federal system. New Delhi has refused, offering instead to set up a Gurkha council with limited autonomy.


Police revealed the discovery of the heads after Ghising left for Darjeeling, now ruled by the communist led state of West Bengal.


Darjeeling Police Chief Remesh Handa said the head of local Communist Party official Joy Narayan Pradhan was found at the city railway station, wrapped in a clear plastic bag.


Some toes were found with the head, suggesting Pradhan was tortured before being decapitated, he said.


The second head, not yet identified, was found at a cremation ground in the town of: Sukhiapokhri, 20km (12 miles) from Darjeeling.


Handa said both heads had been neatly severed with kukris, the curved Gurkha knife.

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