MRITSAR, Punjab, India: Bhai Gusjit Singh, President A.LS.S.F. Reiterated his commitment to the establishment of a sovereign Sikh homeland Khalistan. He was responding to a B.B.C. report that claimed that Bhai Gurjit Singh had disowned the statement made in his behalf by Gurjit Singh Kaka at the Talwandi Sabo Convention.

In a message to World Sikh News correspondent, he categorically denied disowning the statement and said that the question of deviating from the path of Khalistan does not arise.

Bhai Gurjit Singh’s denial was also published by a Punjabi daily “Jag Bani” a staunchly anti-Sikh newspaper. According to the “Jag Bani” story, Bhai Gurjit Singh did meet the pressmen but repeated his earlier stand on Khalistan. He also disclosed that no change had as yet been made in the office bearers of the Federation.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 29, 1988