CHANDIGARH, India; Eleven persons were killed and five were injured when a jeep full of gunmen fired indiscriminately in Krishan Nagar area of Amritsar following the clash between the two communities in which a dozen Sikhs were injured. Sikhs were injured in the stabbing incident while three others received serious injuries when Hindu Shiv Sena workers attacked them with Trishuls. Chief Minister Surjit Singh Barnala and the Un ion Home Minister But a Singh paid a visit to Amritsar on May 22nd to have on the spot judgment of the situation. Mr. Buta Singh assured Mr. Sujit Singh Barnala of all the help from the Centre to deal with the law and order situation in the state. The police in a midnight raid picked up twelve Sikh young men from the Gurdwara Shaheedan Baba Deepingh on May 24th, the pole said that some wanted boys were among the arrested. The two Sikhs namely Kulwant Singh of Kapurthala and Daljit Singh of Verka ,who were killed in so called police encounter on May 25 near Amritsar were said to be among these arrested boys. A police spokesman said, a Khalistani dollar, two grenades, one rifle and one gun and some cartridges were seized from these two Sikh young men. Police said that the two Sikh young men were involved in a shooting incident in Krishan Nagar area of ‘Amritsar, last Wednesday. According to unofficial sources these two Sikh young men were arrested from the Gurdwara Shaheedan ‘and were later interrogated by the city police and were killed in a fake police encounter yesterday night.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 30, 1986