CHANDIGARH: Former Chief Minister and a UAD leader S. Parkash Singh Badal detained at Coimbatore, jail has alleged that the government has been behaving in a very vindictive manner towards Akalis. Ina letter to a party leader Shivraj Singh Brar, Badal said that it was for the first time after independence that the political opponents have been detained at the far off places like Coimbatore. He said that there was a language and food problem. Mr. Badal cited the case of S. Surjan Singh Thekedar who could not be given medical treatment due to the language barrier. Even the doctors conceded that they could not give right type of treatment due to the communication gap. He also told that S. Gurdev Singh Badal is also facing a similar medical problem.

Mr. Badal said that even the Britishers did not behave like this. However he said that such behavior would not demoralize them. Mr. Brar in a statement said that it was unfortunate that the union government is treating the Sikhs as enemies and has resorted to repressive measures instead of acceding to their just demands.

Article extracted from this publication >> November 25, 1988