The 5 Sikh head priests have awarded religious punishment to Giani Gurbachan Singh the Head Priest of Gurdwara Sis ganj for giving a Saropa to Union Minister Buta Singh who had been excommunicated for acting against the panth. According to statement issued by the publicity wing of the SPGC Giani appeared in person at Akal Takhat and tendered an apology. He also explained that the Saropa wars given on the recommendation of the management. The High priests directed him to recite Japji Sahib for seven days in addition to his normal recitation of the Japji Sahib and also sweep the floors of gurdwara Sis Ganj for a week and make an offering of Rs. 101.00 at Akal Takhat. After undergoing the Punishment, ke will have to perform Ardas for his exoneration.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 11, 1985