WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C: S. Gian Singh Sandhu, President W.S.O. Canada, described rumours that Gen. Jaswant Singh Bhullar has gone to India to direct Tamil operations against Sri Lanka as “unfounded and inspired by Indian government agents”.

In a statement released to World Sikh News, he said that Gen. Bhullar is doing his job quietly and in his own way and his whereabouts are being kept secret to ensure his personal safety from the Indian government. He also released Gen. Bhullar’s latest message to him in which the General says, “I want to give you one assurance so that you can state the truth without any hesitation. I will never forgive the Indian government for attacking our sacred Golden Temple and killing thousands. of brave Sikhs. Forgiveness lies only with the Guru. I shall keep serving the sangat quietly or openly as the situation will demand. Don’t ever consider that in this old age! Will do something that will make me appear with a blemished face before my Guru. I consider such degeneration worse than death’.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 15, 1987