tortured in India, S. Gian Singh Sandhu President WSO international expressed his gratitude to the members of Parliament and the Canadian press for exposing the cause of Balkar Singh. The press release stated, “The Sikh community of Canada is thankful to God, for our deepest sense of relief for the release of Balkar Singh.

We are concerned that a Canadian citizen was tortured, and imprisoned for nearly a year without charges ever being filed, primarily because he was a Sikh, travelling on a valid visa to India.

Our concern at this time is what steps are being taken by the Government of Canada to secure the release of Daljit Singh Sekhon, and Bhupinder Singh Kooner (both Canadian citizens) still languishing in Indian jails, who also may have been subjected to torture.

Our greater concern is what steps will be taken to ensure the safety and security of Canadians travelling to India, and what assurances will be obtained from the. Government of India to fully adhere to the natural justice system so as we are used to in Canada.

We are grateful for the assistance of many individuals and the parliamentarians, and particularly to the presence of Segio Marchi, Bob Kaplan, John Nunziate, Idene Nicholson (Liberal MP’s) and Bill Blakie (N.D.P.M.P).

We also recognize the later assistance given by Bob Pennock (P.C.M.P.).

We are especially grateful to Amnesty International for their detailed and full report on Balkar Singh, which assisted in his release.

We are also indebted to Globe and Mail for high quality of reporting on this subject.

Article extracted from this publication >> November 4, 1988