NEW JERSEY: The news about the recent police incursion in the Golden Temple in Amritsar and excesses committed by the Central Reserve Police Force (C.R.P.F.) in Brahmpura village in Amritsar district, Punjab, were received with shock and grief among the Sikh community in New Jersey.

The Garden State Sikh Association which represents the Sikh population in central/south New Jersey strongly condemns the Barnala Administration which 1s a puppet of Rajiv Gandhi, for violating the sanctity of the Golden Temple which is holiest to the Sikhs. Also we denounce the brutal and inhuman treatment to the villagers of Brahmpura village by the C.R.P.F. Such incidents will further incite violence; the government of India is fully responsible for seeding terrorism in the State.

We demand the resignation of Mr. Barnala, Chief Minister of Punjab, and immediate complete withdrawal of C.R.P.F. from Punjab. Also we urge the government of India to stop killing and torturing innocent Sikh youths, release all Sikh political prisoners, scrap secret trials, withdraw all special acts enforced in Punjab. For achieving real peace, the government should try to find solution of Sikh problem in good faith keeping in view the political aspirations of the Sikhs. This helps in accurately identifying and recovering how do i recover unsaved excel files the desired files.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 6, 1987