The sweet talking Bigots and Communal fanatics are at it again and this time it is that electronic media thing.

What is all this noise about making the electronic media free from the government control?

The talk in the ruling party about making the media FREE is a good PR stunt to impress the foreign press as well as domestic consumption.

If the ruling Hindu parties were truly interested in making the media free, they could accomplish this with the simple stroke of a pen that is exactly what they don’t want to do. What they are in fact concentrating upon is merely designing a new control mechanism that is controllable and accessible by all of the Hindi political parties on an equal basis and not just the ruling party. They want to accomplish this while making sure that the Hindu coalitions do not loose or diminish their control of the air waves. The Hindus already exclusively dominate the print media, the newspapers and the magazines and they faithfully serve the interests of the Hindu majority while ignoring and in many cases actually hurting the minorities of India.

If the media were given independence in India then it will not be able to work in the interest of the Hindu majority at the expense of the minorities any longer. The ruling Hindu class will be made accountable for the excesses and abuses of power they are so accustomed to committing so often, and something they have not had to answer for since 1947. I don’t see the CPI or the CPM very concerned about this abuse, is it because they are too dumb to notice or too stupid to know any better? No, actually these communist parties are nothing more than stooges of their Hindu handlers who use them for advancing their own interests and goals.

If radio and TV were indeed free in India, it would have made the 1984 attack on the Golden Temple extremely difficult if not altogether impossible for Indira.

It would have shown the grizzly truth about Vaidia, Sunderji and Dayals ill deeds by showing tens of thousands of bodies of unarmed, innocent worshipers massacred by the Hindu army.

It would have shown the blood stained hands of Tytler and Bhagat during the 1984 riots incited by Congress I and approved by Rajiv.

It would have shown thousands of innocent teenage Sikh boys murdered by the Hindu Central Reserve police deployed in Punjab and Punjab police under orders from Ray and Reberio.

It would have shown the faces of the DEATH SQUADS recruited by ex-Governor Ray and his cop Reberio who indiscriminately wiped out families of innocent laborers and Sikh villagers so that they could pin the blame on our freedom fighters and disenchant the Sikh masses. Another stupid assumption on the part of the Hindus as proven by the recent election results.

But do the Hindus care about the Sikhs if they are murdered by their leaders, Rajiv, Ray, Reberio, Bhagat, Tytler and Bhajan? Do the Hindus care if the innocent Muslims are slaughtered by the Hindu army as it happened in Meerut? Do the Hindus care if Harijans are doused with kerosene oil and a match is put to them? Do the Hindus give a second thought to murder of Christians in the south at the hands of other Hindus?

They are only concerned about how to stay in power while exploiting the God given rights and freedom of the minorities for their personal gains. And for these reasons they will never voluntarily give up monopoly on the media.

The rules will be redefined to ensure that one set of Hindus in power is not flagrantly able to abuse the media against another set of Hindus,

Minorities will continue to suffer and be discriminated against by the media under pressure from the Delhi regime because no matter what party rules the country it will be a coalition of the BRAHMIN AND BANIA variety,

South Africa, India and until recently eastern Europe communications are controlled to keep control over people. These controls are nowhere to be seen in the free societies of the west.

In free countries ARMIES do not routinely conduct flag marches with TANKS and in city streets to show their locality or to terrorize people nor do AIR FORGE jets break sound barrier over roof tops of the civilian populations, For us the writing is on the wall, they will keep denying justice to us as long as they can, it will only stop when ‘we put a stop to it.

It is time to regroup and pick up the pace of our struggle against the inhumanity and injustice that the Hindus have heaped upon us.

Only through self-sacrifice will we be able to rid ourselves of the curse of the Hindus.

Gursewak Singh

Article extracted from this publication >> January 5, 1990


Article extracted from this publication >>