AMRITSAR, Punjab India. The Republic Day was celebrated by the Sikh freedom fighters in their own way. They observed it as a “Pledge Day” in the Golden Temple Complex. The members of the various militant organizations assembled inside the Complex, hoisted the Khalistan Flag at the top of the buildings, including newly constructed building of Akal Takht. According to “The Tribune” the arch freedom fighters organized a parade in the Central Parikarma and saluted the Khalistan Flag and raised pro Khalistan slogans.

These proceedings were witnessed by scores of devotees with interest and excitement. Another feature was the banners and Khalistan flags were hoisted in the sky with the help of balloons in the presence of newsmen in the Parikarma. At least six flags printed in Punjabi and English and lot of printed banners was released in the sky.

Later talking to the newsmen a spokesman of the Panthic Committee said that January 26, has been celebrated as a “Pledge Day” to continue the struggle for the independence of Sikhs and the establishment of Khalistan.

While the visible Khalistan flags could be seen at the tops of Akal Takht, and entrance of the Golden Temple and other buildings. Lot of public relation network was set up in the Parkarma area.

When the district police chief. Azhar Alam was asked to comment upon, he told the newsmen that a suitable action will be initiated against the persons responsible for these offences. He said that the law will take its own course, irrespective of the place of happening.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 5, 1988