NEW DELHI, India: Two more foreign intelligence agencies, one British and the other Swiss apart from the Fairfax group of U.S.A. were involved in the enquiry of assets which some Indians and nonresident Indians closely connected to them have kept abroad it is learnt, according to Kuldip Nayar an Indian Jouranlist.

The information now in the possession of the finance ministry reportedly implicates prominent people now in the country and abroad. Foreign detective agencies were hired by government and they kept in touch with Bhure Lal, an officer who is now under a cloud and has been moved out of the enforcement directorate. The treatment meted out to Bhure Lal and his boss Vinod Bhatt has not been to the liking of Mr. V.P. Singh because it was at his instance that the two officers had taken the charge of enquiry and it was at his intervention that the heat on them has been turned off. Commenting

of removal of Bhure Lal from the enforcement directorate, Mr. Michael Hershman of the Fairfax group said I believe Mr. Bhure Lal to be an extremely honest and dedicated law enforcement official and in this country it would be in conceivable that a senior law enforcement official will be removed from his post for doing his job. Meanwhile certain quarters have expressed the fear that the information collected by the foreign detective agencies might be used by certain foreign governments to put pressure on New Delhi to offer something in return for an assurance that they would not make the information public. A top Congress (I) leader is of the opinion that C.I.A. through agencies have come to possess very incriminating material about men at the top and this could prove to be dangerous. Mr. P.K. Kaul, Indian Ambassador to U.S.A. has written a letter to the Prime Minister about that enquiry and the Fairfax group. It is certain that the

Prime Minister was consulted on the formation of special cell in the enforcement branch in the finance ministry to investigate the assets held abroad by the Indian. However, he was never told about the specific probe in which the brother of national matinee idol was involved. Prime Minister has chastised V.P. Singh refinance minister for keeping him in the dark.

In fact, but for the Fairfax’s Direct funneling of information to the Prime Minister. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi might not have come to know of it and this apart from other things upset him particularly as V.P. Singh has been loyal and dependable minister. How the money was paid to Fairfax Group and the other detective agencies is a matter of speculation. The government of India has paid only a single shift fee of $5,000 to each for routine and regular information but the fee paid to Fairfax Group for further probe was $33,000 to start with. From where did the funds came has been a matter

NEW DELHI, India: Jyoti Basu, 73yearold leader of a leftist front that routed Prime

Minister Gandhi’s Congress (I) Party in West Bengal poll last week urged the formation of similar alliances to throw Gandhi’s party out of other Indian states.

Of investigation. In the same way the other two agencies have been paid for the probe apart of the single shift fee again. The source is being looked into. The Fairfax Group is upset by the C.B.I. doings regarding this matter is apparent from which Hershman has said in an interview. Now more than ever the Prime Minister has the responsibility to root out corruption within the government and within the industry and to take appropriate action against those who have committed this fraud. It would be a tragedy if the Prime Minister is himself involved in this scheme) which led to improper failing of an investigating reporter. Here you will have a Congressional Committee a special persecutor and you might have another Water Gate.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 3, 1987