Unlicensed foreign medical graduates (FMGs) are expected in the near future to be allowed to take the same test (NBE), which their American counterparts take, in order to join training programs, and to obtain state licenses. FMGs in the past have protested that they were forced to take much harder test (FMGEMS) as compared to NBE which they think is much easier to pass, Still, it is not clear when the decision will be put in action.

Whatever it may be, the decision is considered to be a concession to FMG groups, which have been pushing for uniform testing for licensing. FMGs hope for higher pass rate by taking part 1 and part 11 of NBE. More than seventy percent of FMGs fail in FMGEMS as compared to over ninety three percent pass rate of NBE.

Two more bills are already before the Congress, which would remove, if passed, discrimination against already licensed FMGs applying for license in other states.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 3, 1988