ROME— Leonardo da Vinci Interactional Airport, where Arab gunmen opened fire Friday on Israeli airline passengers, has been the target of four previous terrorist attacks and another that was foiled:

Sept. 5, 1973: Italian police arrested five terrorists holed up in an apartment in the seaside town of Ostia with a missile that they allegedly planned to fire at an En A jet taking off from the airport.

Dec. 17, 1973: Five Palestinian guerrillas, who arrived on a flight from Madrid, threw grenades at a Pan American Boeing 707, and then hijacked a Lurhansa 737 to Athens and Kuwait. A total of 32 people died, including 30 passengers and crew aboard the Pan Am Jet, a finance guard shot on the ground a Rome airport employee taken hostage and shot during the Stop in Athens

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 3, 1986