El Sobrante, CA — Bhai Shamsher Singh, Granthi (Priest) of Gurdwara El] Sobrante, Bay Area, California opened fire at some persons who had gone there allegedly to settle some old scores with him. Bhai Shamsher Singh reportedly first fired a shot in the air to scare them away but immediately followed it by two more shots resulting in injuries to two of them. One was hit in the leg and a bullet just grazed the arm of the other.

Sensing trouble Bhai Shamsher Singh had already made a call to the police. The police, however, arrested Bhai Shamsher Singh for opening fire and injuring two of them. He was subsequently released. Meanwhile there was sharp reaction among the Sikhs of the area who felt incensed at making the Gurdwara an arena for settling personal conflicts and clashes. They feel that the sanctity of the Gurdwaras must be scrupulously maintained. It is the religious duty of each Sikh to uphold the glorious traditions of the Gurdwaras and frustrate all attempts at undermining their privileged and preeminent character.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 30, 1985