New Delhi the choice of a sitting judge of the Supreme Court to conduct the important and sensitive inquiry into the riots that broke out in Delhi in the wake of the assassination of the former Prime Minister, Mrs. Gandhi, may fall on Justice Murtaza Fazal Ali. Preliminary consultations in this regard have already been held with the Chief Justice of India, Mr. Y. V. Chandrachud, and Mr. Fazal Ali’s appointment is expected to be announced soon.

The important issue whether the inquiry should be in camera or open to public will be left to be decided by the judge who heads the inquiry. Though a commission of inquiry is normally a public inquiry if it involves public interest or is likely to have wide social repercussions the judge may opt to have it conducted in camera.

The Government decision to appoint a commission to conduct the inquiry into the Delhi riots was announced by the Union Home Minister, Mr. S. B. Chavan, on April 12.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1985