LODON, Reuter: Mike Gating, controversial Captain of England’s cricket team, has been sacked after admitting taking a blonde barmaid to his hotel room.

Cricket authorities said on Thursday they accepted his denial of sexual misconduct with the woman on Monday night during the first cricket test match against the West Indies. But they added they were concerned at his admission that he had behaved irresponsible.

Former England Captain Peter May, Chairman of the test and county cricket board selectors, told reporters: “No player must put himself in a position whereby the image of English cricket is damaged in any way”.

YUBA CITY, Ca.: Guru Nanak Sports Club in this city has shifted its normal practice for all game, tournaments, etc., to the grounds of Shri Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Bouge Road, Yuba City. In the past the practice sessions were conducted on the grounds of Sikh Temple Tierra Buena, in Yuba City.

There was conveyed to W.S.N. by « HS. Gill the manager of the club.

He further added that the Central California Soccer League has started practicing at the same venue. The junior league also operates at the above venue. :

RALEIGH N.C., Reuter: Injured U.S. 400 meters star Harry “Butch” Reynolds said on Thursday that he expects to ‘recover from a strained hamstring in time to race world champion Thomas Schonlebe of East Germany in Oslo

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Cricket Control Board (BCCP) Secretary Arif Abbasi said on Sunday a report that Shakoor Rana had been dropped as a test umpire was “baseless”.

“This is baseless, there is no validity, no ground for this piece of news,” Abbassi said. “There is no such decision”.

Rana was involved in a heated dispute with former England Captain Mike Gatting in the second test in Faisalabad last year.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 17, 1988