Patna — A veil of secrecy shrouds the interrogation of eight persons including three Danes in Bokaro and a Canadian of Indian origin in Patna, and four others belonging to Gurdaspur and Ludhiana in Punjab.

Senior officials have been rushed to interrogate the Danes. According to informed sources. Kashmira Singh, who came from Canada reportedly without an Indian visa, disclosed to the security men that four persons, described as “activists,” who had come from Punjab were staying at the Takht Sri Harmanderji at Patna Sahib, birth place of Guru Gobind Singh.

The four are said to be Karn Singh, Vir Singh. Chandan Singh and Gurbaksh Singh. Sources said the security men raided some of the rooms in the temple before tracing them in Room No. 54. The first three hail from Gurdaspur and the fourth from Ludhiana in Punjab.

Nothing is known here of the interrogation of the Danes. Nor is anything known about the links, if any, between Kashmira Singh and the “‘visitors”’ from Punjab.

However, it is believed that Karn Singh, one of the three from Gurdaspur, was here in connection with a case in which his son was involved. The

son had been arrested on January 26 on a charge of insulting the national flag. Karn Singh is trying to get him released on bail. The purpose of the visit here of the other three remains unclear.

But the general impression is that the arrests were made as part of an overall exercise to ensure the security of the Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, during his visit here on Saturday and Sunday.

During the Lok Sabha election, Mr. Gandhi’s scheduled campaign visit to Ranchi was cancelled without giving any reason. But this was also believed, to have been done for reasons of security.


Article extracted from this publication >>  March 1, 1985