Demolition of a portion of the government reconstructed Akal Takht by the All India Sikh Students Federation on October 31 Is only the beginning of the process to undo the wanton sacrilege of the holy shrine. The present structure has to be dismantled and replaced by one constructed In accordance with Sikh traditions of Kar Sewa, because Akal Takht Is not just a brick and mortar structure. It Is the timeless seat of temporal and spiritual authority for the Sikhs. It is an eternal emblem of Sikh Sovereignty.

Indira Gandhi attacked the Golden Temple and destroyed the Akal Takht to undermine and insult the Sikh Identity and Sikh authority. She purposely reconstructed it with government funds to perpetuate a sense of psychological slavery in the minds of the Sikhs. The soiled structure Is too outrageous a challenge to Sikh honor to be tolerated. Besides It cannot be allowed to be used as a bargaining lever by the “kursi” seeking Sikh leaders who hold out the threat to dismantle It not because of the commitment to the high Sikh traditions but to secure for themselves a better deal from the government.

The Impressive turn out of over 50,000 Sikh youths, despite restrictions, harassment, draconian laws and ruthless army and paramilitary repression, to participate In the Bhog Ceremony on the 1st death anniversary of S. Beant Singh should serve to Indicate to all concerned the extent of hurt on Sikh psyche and their uncompromising resolve to vindicate their honor.

Writing on the wall Is clear and unambiguous. Those who stand by the faith of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh would at no cost compromise their honor and dignity. Freedom is an article of faith for the Sikhs and they would sacrifice anything to cancel the bondage. Sant Jarnall Singh Bhindranwale, Bhal Amrik Singh, Maj. Gen. Shubheg Singh and S. Beant Singh have again demonstrated to the world the depth of Sikh commitment to their religion and freedom.

Equally clear is the deep-seated animosity of Rajiv Gandhi towards Sikhs. He is stubbornly retaining arch criminals like H.K.L. Bhagat and Jagdish Tytler in his Cabinet even though they have been categorically indicted by almost every Independent Investigator for their heinous crimes against the Sikhs. After full one year of the bestial massacre of Sikhs, not a single murderer, arsonist, rapist or a looter has been convicted. Instead Gandhi is grooming and patronizing Sikh traitors and through them he mistakenly hopes to keep the Khalsa In subjugation. Gandhi is playing a dangerous game and refuses to discard his mother’s shortsighted political antics. Therein lies his tragic flaw that would Inevitably spell disaster for him. He must realize that the politics of deception and prevarication would not work anymore. After ‘Operation Bluestar’ and November ’84 holocaust, Sikhs cannot be pacified by Installing puppet ministries. Delhi will do well to reconcile to the concept of regional ascendancy In the States If It really intends to arrest the process of disintegration. Otherwise the gathering momentum of Sikh youth power would shortly drag It to the bitter realization the hard way.

Article extracted from this publication >>  November 8, 1985