During his just concluded tour of Europe and U.S. Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, reiterated his government’s commitment to peace and nonviolence. He played the favorite tune of his grandfather and faithfully adhered to the perfected policy of eulogizing peace and nonviolence while continuing to practice violence both at home and abroad. The high sounding professions notwithstanding, the statistics show that during the last 37 years there has been more violence and bloodshed of innocent civilians on caste and creed basis in India than in any single country of the world. In the name of secularism, which in effect means Brahminism, minorities like Muslims, Sikhs, and Christian are being systematically reduced to the level of serfs and slaves. They must either submit to the majority’s communal domination or suffer the Stigma of ‘separatists’, ‘traitors’ or ‘terrorists’ with all the attendant consequences.

A casual glance at the track record of India’s much publicized policy of ‘peace at the international level and noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries’ is enough to expose its imperialistic conquests and Machiavellian conspiracies to dismember other nations. In 1947 British left it to the Indian princely states to remain independent or join Indian Union. Nawab of Hyderabad and Maharaja of Kashmir declared their independence and refused to join Indian Union. But the “protagonists” of nonviolence attacked Hyderabad and forced the Muslim Nawab to accede to India on the plea that majority of his subjects were Hindus and they wanted to join India. In Kashmir when Muslim Mujahids tried to assert themselves, the Hindu Maharaja immediately invited Indian Army to crush the democratic aspirations of the overwhelming Muslim majority. Whereas the imaginary wishes of Hindu majority in Hyderabad were respected, the ardent wishes of Muslim majority in Kashmir were ruthlessly crushed. Again Portuguese colonies on the Indian subcontinent Goa, Daman and Dieu were unceremoniously conquered through a naked armed aggression. Bhutan and Sikkim were also similarly subjugated.

East Pakistan is now an independent Bangladesh, primarily because of the Indian Army that staged the well-known drama of Mukti Bahini. South Indian units of the Indian Army are currently repeating the same game in Sri Lanka; and yet India remains a country committed to ‘peace’ and ‘noninterference.’ Posing as a messenger of peace Rajiv Gandhi is roaming from country to country buying sophisticated weapons and warheads. Wailing loudly at the imagined ‘foreign hand’ in Punjab and charging CIA of conspiracies to undermine Indian unity, he continues with his sinister business of inspiring, instigating and aiding terrorists in Sri Lanka.

Would it be surprising, then, if someone were to categorize Indian government as a hypocritical double-dealer and the most deceitful actor? Who does not know that it has entered into unholy alliance with the Soviet Union to undermine the integrity of Pakistan? The leakage of their alleged military adventure to merge part of Pakistan with Afghanistan and the rest with India shocked the world. Countries committed to democracy are fast losing their original fascination for an emerging democratic order in India as the reality of one community dictatorship is increasingly dawning upon the world.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985