Punjab problem is essentially a Sikh problem. Any other construction to it should be summarily dismissed as a motivated and mischievous attempt to complicate the fundamental issue. Sikhs are struggling to save their identity which is in serious danger of being lost in the countless forms and folds of the ritualistic Brahminical pantheon.

Economic plunder and Discriminatory treatment of Punjab by the Central Government has been systematically in operation to undermine the historically preeminent Status of the Sikhs. Sikhs are required to Sacrifice and suffer even to get their constitutional rights. To retrieve their lost position, Sikhs prepared a charter of demands called the Anandpur Sahib resolution. The scope of the resolution does not stretch beyond what was solemnly promised to the Sikhs by the Congress stalwarts like Gandhi and Nehru. Yet it is branded as antinational because it envisages special status for the Sikhs. Some Akali leaders are also willing to dilute the all-important clause relating to the special status. These Akali leaders are playing the game of the central government in shifting the focus from Anandpur Sahib Resolution to secondary issues that are only the byproducts of the violent and fascist suppression of a peaceful Dharam Yudh Morcha. Sikhs in Punjab have sensed the Akali weakness and their reaction were amply demonstrated in the defiant mood of the Sikh youth on two important occasions Holla Mohalla and Baisakhi. On both occasions Akalis had to abandon the stage. In fact the rebuff that Sant Longowal received during his tour of Bhatinda, Faridkot and other districts had already left no one in doubt about the Sikh mood.

Akalis would be well advised to recognize this mood and act accordingly than to indulge in dubious self-defeating objectives aimed at short term gains. Sikhs have reached a point where no betrayal would be tolerated or forgiven. Government of India would also be well advised to shed its Arya Samajist antagonism and Brahminical designs to destroy Sikh identity, and instead develop a proper appreciation of the legitimate Sikh aspirations. The myopic policy of procrastination or of teaching lessons is bound to recoil with all the catastrophic fury and in the process leave India in pieces.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 19, 1985