Barely ten weeks after Rajiv’s sweep in December elections to the Indian Parliament, have the results in eleven states, where elections were held in the first week of March, revealed trends that do not augur well for India. The crude description of Rajiv and his coterie as a ‘‘pack of vultures feeding off a dead body”’ is being proved by the events as fairly accurate and graphic. Indians, except for the rabidly communal Hindi speaking belt, are beginning to see through the colossal fraud practiced upon them first by Indira Gandhi and subsequently by her pilot turned politician son, Rajiv. Their reaction to such a dehumanized politics is manifest in the way they have cast their votes in non-Hindi speaking states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnatka, Maharashtra and Sikkim. Most of the other non-Hindi speaking states like W. Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Assam and other eastern states already have either non-congress governments or are up against the dominance of central congress rule.

Non-Hindi speaking Indians feel cheated at the way they were exploited by provocative untruths over T.V. and Radio and through giant-sized posters of “Durga” being shot by two Sikhs. They are increasingly growing conscious of the menacing Neoimperialism of the Hindi belt that appears hell-bent upon reducing the rest of Indian states to subservient satellites only. In the name of strong center, central government has monopolized all powers; in the name of national integration Hindi is being pushed down the throats of non-Hindi speaking people. The reality that Congress (I) is essentially a regional party of the Hindi-belt is fast dawning upon the rest of the states. Congress (I) is doomed to lose its national character solely because of the Chauvinistic approach of Hindi speaking overlords who have come to exercise despotic hold over it. These overlords have also come to regard India’s Prime Minister ship as their exclusive right and any opposition to their communal and regional chauvinism as antinational and secessionist.

In her anxiety to perpetuate dynastic rule, Indira Gandhi corrupted the moral fibre of the nation to such an extent that judiciary dances to the tune of the executive and constitution has been frequently ravished to legalize patently criminal acts.

To ensure electoral victory she donned Hindu fundamentalist mask and unleashed an unprecedented reign of terror and murder first against Muslims and then against Sikhs culminating in her wild army attack on the Golden Temple. Rajiv Gandhi further fanned the Hindu fanaticism by reportedly aiding and abetting the inhuman genocide of innocent Sikhs.

The election results have shown that the artificially whipped up fever of fanaticism does not last long. The economic compulsions and the seething discontent born out of the suffocating sense of discrimination are bound to break loose of the communal domination and demand an equitable share both of power and resources. It is here that Congress (I) will shortly meet its Waterloo and leave behind a bleeding, disintegrated India. Congress (I) would only be reaping what she has so unwisely been sowing during the past 37 years. India is irrevocably and inexorably headings towards balkanization and Congress (1) will become what Telegu Desam, Akali Dal, National Conference or AIADMK. Today are. ‘

Article extracted from this publication >> March 15, 1985