NEW DELHI, India and France will work to help drought stricken African countries to improve agriculture and bring about a “green revolution,” a visiting French official announced Saturday.

Christian Nucci French Minister of State for External Cooperation and Development told reporters that cooperation between India, France and African countries would be “rewarding in the field of agricultural and medicine.”

France, which has a large African aid program, would utilize the expertise of Indian agricultural scientists to improve food production in Africa, he said.

India has attained self-sufficiency in food grains following the successful “green revolution” in the late 1960’s, improving output with hybrid varieties of seeds.

The French delegation also held talks with Indian officials about bilateral cooperation to produce vaccines against chickenpox, measles and other diseases in Africa.

French experts already are helping Indian authorities on a project to clean the Ganges River. Nucci, in India on a three-day visit, said two French companies had prepared technical report for cleaning the Ganges of pollution and industrial waste.

Article extracted from this publication >>  November 1, 1985