SURINDER SINGH WADYAL is one of the leading Sikh personalities and has maintained his “Sikh Sroop” after migration to U.S.A. He is proud to be first turbaned Sikh licensed to practice as a Vet in U.S.A. From the very first day of his arrival, he has been deeply associated with the community’s social, religious and political activities. Dr. Wadyal was the treasurer of Sikh Council of North America and was acting as its Vice President, when he tendered his resignation in a protest against the activities of ‘some of his associates in the Council.

Dr. Wadyal was born to Sardar Dr. Dhanna Singh and Sardarni Gurcharan Kaurat V. Bahla, Garhdiwala, Hoshiarpur, in 1944; He married Jatinder, a Sr. Computer Programmer in 1973. They are now the proud parents of a ten year old son, Sukhrajan.

Dr. Wadyal is the trustee of Sikh Cultural Society, New York, Sikh Center, New York, and member of American Hospital Association.

Dr. Wadyal is at present secretary of the Rotary International and President elect of this organization for the year 89-90,

Dr. Wadyal is a dedicated Sikh who is committed to Sikh values and ideals. He generously contributes for all the projects of the Sikh community. He is also a promoter of the World Sikh News and believes in strengthening the United Voice of the Sikhs in U.S.A. and other parts of the world.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 22, 1988