STOCKTON, Ca. Reacting to the criticism of Pakistan by the Indian President, Dr. Gurinder Singh Grewal, Governing Council Member of W.S.O., said the allegations against Pakistan remind us of the wolf and lamb story. It is a clear indication that Indian attack over Pakistan is in the offing, he added.

He described the allegations of Pakistani help to Sikh freedom fighters as mischievous and baseless, Gandhi and his President won’t be able to sleep even for a minute if Sikhs were to get help from Pakistan or any other foreign power, he said,

He called upon the Sikhs to remain alert and use the situation for the creation of Khalistan if India attacks Pakistan. Sikhs should not waste their blood for the ungrateful and treacherous rulers of India but fight to establish their own homeland, he concluded.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 26, 1988