WHEN somebody happens to meet Dr. Bkahshish Singh Nijjar casually, one gets the impression of a rustic, JatSikh. But when he is talked about one finds no limit in the depth of his knowledge and the volumes of his work. He is a master of the subject he has attempted to write. One wonders how he got such a huge material to attain the position of an international historian. His academic qualifications, rich experience of life and love of sports and his outstanding writings speak themselves of his great personality, Some of his writings are:

  1. Punjab under the great Mughals — 15261707. Ph.D. Degre awarded by Pub. University.
  2. Punjab under teh Sultans — 10001526. D. Litt. Thesis.
  3. Punjab under the later Mughals — 1707 1756 Research work.
  4. Punjab under the British Rule — 18461947.
  5. The AngloSikh Wars — 19441947.
  6. Maharani Jind Kaur
  7. History of the Babar Akalis — 19201942 Research Work

At present, Mr. Sidhu is working as bilingual translator in the Unified School District, Union City, California.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 8, 1987