LOS ANGELES, Ca.: Dr. Amrit Singh, a well-known Sikh leader , condemned the Indian government propaganda in a radio interview. The interview was conducted by Mr. Jim Simon of KGIL radio station. Reacting to a misleading report published in the L.A. Times, Dr. Singh told Mr. Simon that in view of the fact that Punjab was under virtual Army siege and complete ban on foreign journalist, only government approved versions are released to the press. He said that Indian government has spent more money on anti-Sikh propaganda than was spent on Indochina war of 1962.

Enunciating Sikh principles, Dr. Singh said that all Sikhs were barred from smoking and drinking but they do not impose their values upon others.

Recalling the release of birds and animals from the slaughter house by Christ in the movie, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Mr. Singh said that Sikhs did not believe in torturing or killing animals and birds for human pleasure. Sikhs believe in complete freedom and oppose changing others way of life by force.

Dr. Singh also mentioned that over 500 innocent girls are but alive every year by their in-laws for bringing inadequate dowry. Sikhs, however, do not believe in dowry system and are fighting to root out this social evil.

Talking about the Birth of KhaIsa on March 30, 1699, Dr. Singh explained the importance and relevance of five Ks. The fact that Sikhs had launched a campaign against liquor and tobacco exposes Indian government’s lie that drop and ammunition were found stocked in the Golden Temple in 1984, he said. It is all a propaganda stunt by the Indian government.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 1, 1987